School of Electrical Engineering comprises center of electrical laboratories, national teaching center of electrotechnics, department of electrical drive & control, department of electric power engineering, institute of new & renewable energy Technology, institute of power electronics, institute of electrical machinery & apparatus and institute of superconducting technology.

There are 115 staff members in the school, 21 professors, 38 associate professors, 15 Doctor tutors and 55 Master tutors. A quarter of the teachers have abroad experience. In the school, there are nearly 80 doctorate candidates, 500 master candidates and more than 1,300 undergraduates. The school covers 5 doctoral programs, 5 master¡¯s program, and 5 electrical engineering postdoctoral stations (electrical machinery & apparatus, electric power system and its automation, power electronics & electric drives, high voltage & insulation technique, electrotechnics & new technique).

The school pays much attention to international academy exchange and cooperation. It has developed cooperation relationships with many universities and institutes in America, Great Britain, Canada, and etc.. We are making efforts to co-cultivate the most brilliant students. Some well-known professors and scholars have been invited to be the guest or honorary professors.

Including ¡°National Nature Science Foundation of China¡±, ¡°National Key Technologies Research and Development Program of China¡±, and ¡°National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program)¡±, many national and provincial scientific research projects have been accomplished by the faculty in the school, and some of them have got national prizes. The teachers of the school also cooperate with railway and power companies extensively, assuming a number of research projects combined with the actual production, and having established a good relationship of cooperation with related enterprises. In 2005£¬the college adds 12 national research items, 7 department research items of province and 30 horizontal items and other research items, adding more than 1200 million budget.

To providing better condition for raising the research and teaching level, the school exclusively constructed electrical engineering building. Through reforming the teaching method and teaching means, there are a number of outstanding speaker teachers, teachers of university¡¯s model class, and illustrious teachers in Beijing. A teaching achievement acquires the second national award, some achievements get awards in Beijing, we also acquiring excellent courses in Beijing. On top of that, to encourage the students to be creative and take part in the actual researches, the school provides them well-equipped, systematized experiment environment. Excellent students can be recommended to be Master's graduate students or Doctor's graduate students directly.

Since 2003, based on the education principle of ¡°general education, teaching by category, advocacy to explore¡±, two profession categories which are electrical engineering and its automation and electricity information engineering all belong to the electrical information. According to electrical information branch, after students take foundation classes and electric circuit, electronics, signal processing, auto control, calculator network, correspondence etc., students at their high-grade can choose one of electrical engineering and its automation or electricity information engineering to complete their study according to social need and employment wills. The graduate students will have wide knowledge, wide employment opportunities etc. advantages. On top of that, the track circuit electrification is exclusively established for the fast urban transport and railway track, the graduate students will have the advantage of professional foundation, quick work orientation.

In recent years, the advanced study rate and employment rate raises year by year. The advanced study rate of undergraduate students in three years is: 34.1% in 2006, 38.27% in 2007, 32.01% in 2008; the employment rate of undergraduate students (advanced study rate is contained) is: 98.54%in 2006, 99.64% in 2007, and 99.64% in 2008.


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