Jiang Jiuchun


Jiang Jiuchun
Professional title
Ph.D. Supervisor
Institute of New & Renewable Energy Technology

Professor Jiang Jiuchun, Beijing Jiaotong University, PhD supervisor, currently employed as Dean of School of Electrical Engineering. Research is mainly focus on EV charging station, BMS and micro-grid. In 2011, over half of EV in China are using our BMS. Designed Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai EXPO and Guangzhou Asia Games Charging Station. 16 cities in "Ten City Thousand EV" (all 25 cities)project using our technology.
Research direction
Electric Car Charging Stations; Battery Management System of Electric Vehicle; Micro-net Technology
Research achievements
1.Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Progress Award in 2007 (5/15);
2.2008 National Science and Technology Progress Award (4/10);
3.2010 Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award (2/10)
Ongoing projects
1.New energy vehicles, vehicle power battery industry policy study . (the National Natural Science Foundation of China)
2.Wind turbine dynamic modeling International Cooperation (Ministry of science and technology).
3.New technology and application of locomotive -- new energy power system key technology simulation ( Department of railway ministry science and technology).
4.Pure electric vehicle demonstration charging station construction and demonstration demonstration (Beijing Committee of science and technology).
5.The feasibility study of Electric vehicle charging station as energy storage facilities. (Beijing Jiaotong University).
6.Shanghai Expo V2G system technology services. ( Beijing Jiaotong University).
7.Group battery charging equipment optimization application . (Beijing Education Commission)
8.Program for New Century Excellent Talents (The Ministry of Education"Program for New Century Excellent Talents").
9.The locomotive circuit insulation state monitoring and analysis system ( Department of railway ministry science and technology)
10.Directly driven wind turbine control system and modular development of multiple parallel converter .(Ministry of science and technology " the support of science and technology ")
11.Lithium battery maintenance technology research base on The Olympic Games . (Beijing Committee of science and technology).
Teaching activities
Undergraduate teaching: Principle of Microcomputer
Undergraduate general education: Path to sustainable energy
Main publications
(1) Caiping Zhang, Jiuchun Jiang, Weige Zhang and Suleiman M. Sharkh. Estimation of State of Charge of Lithium-Ion Batteries Used in HEV Using Robust Extended Kalman Filtering[J].Energies 2012 ,5,1098-1115; doi:10.3390/en5041098.
(2)ZHANG Cai-ping,JIANG Jiu-chun. Extended Kalman filter algorithm for parameters identification of dynamic battery model based on genetic algorithm optimization[J].Journal of Jilin University(Engineering and Technology Edition), 2012,42(3):732-737.
(3)Shi Wei, Jiang Jiuchun, Zhang Weige.Research on charging and discharging characteristics of parallel connection for LiFePO4 Li-ion batteries[J]. High Technology Letters, 012,22(2): 205-210. (EI: 20121314899580).
(4) Zhang Cai-ping, Jiang Jiu-chun, Zhang Wei-ge, Wen Feng. 4etermination of SOC of a Battery Pack Used in Pure Electric Vehicles[C]. 2012 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference.
(5) Sun Bingxiang, Jiang Jiuchun, Wang Zhanguo.SOC estimation of Ni-MH battery pack based on approved HPPC test and EKF algorithm for HEV[C], 2011 7th International Conference on MEMS, NANO and Smart Systems, ICMENS 2011.(EI: 20115014602134)
(6)Shi Wei, Jiang Jiuchun. Research on the time factor of Li-ion battery for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) implementation and charging station application”, Advanced Materials Research, v403-408, p3364-3370, 2011.(EI: 20115014601951)
(7)Lu Yan, Jiang Jiu-chun, Zhang Cai-ping. Characteristics of impedance spectroscopy for LiFePO4 batteries in different states of charge[J], Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2011,20(2): 190-194.(EI: 20121714971917)
(8) Jiuchun Jiang, Jiapeng Wen, HongyuGuo. Error correct of Kalman Algorithm on SOC Estimation in PEV. International Journal of Renewable Energy Vehicles. 2010, p. 1-5.
(9) Shi Wei, Jiang Jiuchun, Wen Feng, etc. Applications of battery energy storage system (BESS) for energy conversion base in expo 2010. 2nd International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems, PEDG 2010, p 918-923, 2010.
(10)C.P.Zhang, S.M.Sharkh, X.Li,J.C.Jiang,et.al. The performance of a soluble lead-acid flow battery and its comparison to a static lead-acid battery. Energy Conversion and Management. 2011, 52: 3391-3398. (SCI)
Work experience
1999.4-2001.12, Beijing, School of Electrical Engineering, North Jiaotong University, Lecturer
2002.1-2003.12, Beijing, School of Electrical Engineering, North Jiaotong University, Associate Professor
2004.1-2005.12, Beijing, School of Electrical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Distinguished Professor
Since 2006.1, beijing,School of Electrical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Professor
2007.7-2011.5, beijing,School of Electrical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Assistant Dean
Since 2011.5, School of Electrical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Dean
2003 Beijing city education innovation model;
Ministry of science and technology "science and technology Olympics advanced individual ";
Beijing Federation of trade unions " Olympic meritorious service model ";
2008 The Ministry of Education” The new century excellent talent
2012 Beijing youth Medal