Center of Electrical Laboratories

The first laboratory of BJTU Electrical Engineering Department was electrical drive lab which was built in 1982. After that motor lab, electrical power lab, MCU lab, automatic control lab, electronic measuring lab and technical innovation area were built in succession with the development of Electrical Engineering School. To satisfy the main type development and demand of the electrical engineering academics, to satisfy the teaching requirement of electrical foundation practice teaching, and to fully utilize electrical facilities, instruments, and meters, the Electrical Engineering School constructed the center of electrical laboratories with high level, multi-function and high performance in 1998.

The center of electrical laboratories mainly includes power electronics technology lab, electrical machinery lab, power system emulation lab, MCU lab, automatic control lab, electronic measuring lab and technical innovation area.

The comprehensive experiment center
The construction of the Center of Electrical Laboratories were conducted in phases and steps and achieved unified modular, network-based, systematic, multi-level teaching system. In order to satisfy the requirements of electrical engineering development, and to complete the practice teaching based on the cultivation programs, the center are aiming to develop into a system in academic and professional direction. To make students understand the interconnection between the fundamental subjects and the professional subjects, the system includes main course experiment, curricular design, comprehensive design, graduation design and internship. The center adopts open teaching and management, with compulsory and elective courses of electrical experiments for all the students of the school to choose.

The unified center management system
The center of electrical laboratories has established a unified management system, organize a professional experimental technical team and appoint full-time persons in charge of the organizational management, implementation of the system, scheduling and coordination of all kinds of experiments to further improve the quality of professional practice teaching. Meanwhile, the school has set up a laboratory management information system, implementing a unified informationized management of laboratory, experimental equipment, curriculum arrangement, staff arrangement, courses and student achievement. Students can choose the experiment combinations based on their own level, the development direction and personal interest.

Characteristics of the Center of Electrical Laboratories
1. Optimized allocation, modularization and serialization of resources;
2. Diverse forms: simulation, teaching system, industrial environment;
3. Openness: all experimental series are open to students;
4. Innovation: sophisticated equipment especially for innovation;
4. Multi layers: classroom teaching, basic skill training and comprehensive training of engineering ability, innovative practice;
5. Individualization: The project provides conditions for individualization;
6. Wide coverage of subjects;
7. A variety of experiments;
8. Wide orientation.