Traction power supply Institute

Traction power supply Institute was founded in 2008, mainly engaged in the research and teaching work in the electric railway traction power supply areas, relying on and playing an important role at the university Engineering Research Center for Electric Traction of the Ministry of Education. Currently, the Institute has 6 teachers, 25 graduate students; four of them have the doctoral degrees; three of them have the education experience of studying or visiting abroad for more than six months; one of them won the 9th ZhanTianYou Railway Science and Technology Prize - Youth Prize; and two of them won the university prizes of Outstanding Teaching Performance .

Since the founding of the Institute, centered on the main line railway and urban rail transit traction power supply system, it has actively undertaken and completed more than 20 research projects, including the project of Joint Found of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Railways of China, the sub-project of the National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the project of Key Technology Research Program of the State Grid Corporation, the projects of the Science and Technology Development Program of the Ministry of Railways, various types of industrial cooperation projects, etc. The institute has acquired the leading domestic research results in the directions of the simulation and testing of the high-speed railway integrated grounding system, electric railway power quality testing and assessment, high-order harmonic resonance of the catenary and its suppression, long-distance railway power cable supply, etc. Combined with the high-speed railway construction in China, the institute organized strength to participate in the jointly testing tasks of Hefei-Nanjing passenger dedicated line, the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, contributing greatly to the measurement and testing of the traction power supply system, integrated grounding system and 380km/h EMU. Since 2008, assisting the school Training Department, the institute has undertaken the training task for the power supply operation and maintenance staffs of the Ministry of Railways. Accumulated more than 2,500 people from the whole railway power supply sections have been trained to the year of 2012. The research capability of the institute in traction power supply area has been widely recognized by the railway industry. The main scientific achievements in the past two years include:
(1) "Research of the key technologies for power supply of electric railways ", the State Grid Corporation of Science and Technology Progress Third Prize in 2010;
(2) "Research of passenger dedicated line long distance cable power supply technology" , Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Third Prize in 2010;
(3) "High-speed railway power supply and power quality research and application ", Beijing Science and Technology Progress Third Prize in 2011;
(4) " Technology and device of electrified railway catenary high harmonic resonance and its suppression", Railway Scientific and Technology Progress Second Prize in 2011;
(5) Patent for invention of " Scott transformer type with secondary side midpoint outgoing wire" ; it has been selected by the Ministry of Railways as the 220kV traction balance  transformer, it has been successfully constructed in 2011, and been installed in the Hangzhou-Ningbo passenger line.

Combined with China's high-speed railway and urban rail transit construction and operation, Traction Power Supply Institute actively carries out the theory research and  technology development in the fields of simulation and optimization of the traction power supply systems, electrical coupling mechanism and electrical matching key technologies of the train and catenary, high-speed railway catenary on-line monitoring technology, and strives for China's electrified railway development to make a greater contribution. In addition, relying on the school advantage in the field of new energy, Traction Power Supply Institute continues to open up new research directions in the areas of optimization design of electric vehicle charging stations, charging load scheduling management, etc.

Traction substation and catenary dynamic simulation test device

Developed train traction calculation and traction power supply simulation softwares

Resonance suppression equipments installed in Yanjiao and Hanjialin section posts of Beijing-Haerbin line


On-site testing in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line

Small-capacity prototype of Scott transformer with secondary midpoint drawn-out and the first 220kV balance traction transformer made in China.