Institute of New & Renewable Energy Technology

The Institute of New & Renewable Energy Technology was Established in Jan, 2006 which belongs to School of Electrical Engineering Beijing Jiaotong University. The institute specializes in new & renewable energy education and research. 
The Institute of New & Renewable Energy Technology began to enter EV and new energy fields early in 1990 s. The institute has advanced research equipments and scientific research team which consists of 25 academic and 120 research postgraduate students. We train future engineers and scientists of the New & Renewable Energy Technology through our educational programs, provide industry with innovative solutions to their problems, and have an impact on society through our world-leading research.

(1) Research field and application 

The Institute of New & Renewable Energy Technology spans a wide range of storage battery application technology, wind and PV generation technology and power system technology. We are proud of our significant achievements in battery application, EV charger station design, new & renewable energy generation and storage, micro-grid and etc.

  • Battery Management System(BMS) Applications: We have established relationship with the domestic main power battery manufacturers. The developed BMS has been widely used, whose market share was up to 50% in 2010.

  • Charging Facility & Station Applications: We have developed three types of EV charging products to adapt for normal charging, fast charging and battery swapping of electric vehicles. We also took part in the Engineering Design and Construction of Beijing Olympic Games Charging Station, Shanghai World Expo Charging Station, Guangzhou Asian Games Charging Station and Shenzhen Universiade Charging Station etc.


  • New Energy & Renewable Generation Applications: We has developed several high Power converters of 1.5MW, 2MW and 3MW in grid-connected operation.

2Development direction 
The institute’s development directions are focusing on battery pack application technology, new power electronics technology, charging station optimization design and intelligent distribution system.

  • Battery Pack Application Technology: Foundation research on battery pack application technology、Research on battery second use and battery storage system
  • New Power Electronics Technology: New energy grid-friendly power generation and grid connection technology、High efficiency high power converter technology、Micro-grid plug-in converter technology、High-performance EV charging equipment
  • Charging Station Optimization Design: Charging station matching optimization design theory、Charging station load forecasting method、Multi-energy charging station energy control technology、Charging station power supply topology structure research、Charging station network communication protocol standardization technology
  • intelligent distribution system: EV energy supply demand theory、Power supply facility layout and optimization theory、Coordination control theory with intelligent distribution network、Planning theory and method of intelligent power distribution system、Economic operation and stability analysis of hybrid intelligent distribution network

3Experimental Facility
The institute has advanced equipments for teaching and scientific research including Power battery application technology experimental platform, EV battery technology experiment platform and new energy & renewable generation technology experiment platform,also constructs wind power research base in Dongying.


(4)Scientific Achievements
  • Awards

The institute won Scientific and Technological Progress First Prize of the Ministry of Education in 2007 by ”The development and key technology application of Beijing Olympic electric buses”. The institute also won the National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize in 2008 by ” The key technology of EV buses and the application in the public transport system”.  In 2010, related achievements have been certificated by the Ministry of Education, research about charging station key technology has formed a complete and unique theory and technology system, the overall system is in the international advanced level; the power battery fast automatic replacement technology,the sub-box centralized charging technology, and the charging security system technology is in the supply-leading level.

  • Patents

At present the institute has more than 40 patents, including more than 10 inventive patents, more than 20 utility new model patents.

  • Standards

The institute participated in making three national standards of “General requirements for electric vehicle charging station”, “Electric vehicle conductive charge coupler” and “Communication Protocols between Battery Management System and off-board Charger for Electric Vehicle”, involved in 8 standards in the Beijing technical specifications of electricity supply and assurance for electric vehicle, and took the charge of “off-board charger and discharger” standard.
(5)Research Projects 
Within the last five years, the institute has presided over more than 100 national, provincial and ministerial-level research projects, including 5 National 863 Plan projects (National high technology research and development projects), 3 National Science and Technology Support projects, 11 Beijing Science and Technology Committee projects.

  • National 863 high technology project “Key technologies and its reliability of battery management system used in electric vehicles "
  • National 863 high technology project “Key technologies of integrated system of large wind turbine independent electric variable blade pitch”
  • National 863 high technology project “Dual-mode building integrated photovoltaic system technology and key equipment development”
  • National 863 high technology project“Charging equipment performance testing and evaluation”
  • National 863 high technology project“Nickel-hydrogen battery management controller assembly development and industrialization used in Hybrid electric vehicles”
  • National Science and Technology Support project“Development of direct-drive wind turbine control system and modular multi-parallel converter”
  • National Science and Technology Support project“Key technology research, promotion and demonstration of wind turbine”
  • National Science and Technology Support project“High-voltage converter and soft-switching technology  of Distributed energy supply system”
  • Beijing Science and Technology Committee project“Development of smart fast-charge system for electric vehicles”
  • Beijing Science and Technology Committee project“Research on Large-scale battery energy storage system integration technology”
  • Beijing Science and Technology Committee project“Economic Analysis of Beijing pure electric commercial vehicle operation”
  • Beijing Science and Technology Committee project“Design and operation demonstration of pure electric passenger vehicles charging station”
  • Beijing Science and Technology Committee project“Rresearch and demonstration applications of Power battery second use technology”

Within the last five years, the institute has published over 100 articles in international scientific journals, including 9 papers indexed by SCI, over 50 papers indexed by EI.
7International Cooperation
The institute has established good cooperation relationship with University of Hawaii, University of California at Davis, The University of New South Wales, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark Aalborg University. We have plans to regular academic discussion, experts visits and students training, etc. The institute also built up several Joint laboratories with companies such as ABB, AREAV and Bosch etc.