Electrotechnics & Electronics Teaching Center

      Beijing Jiaotong University National Engineering and Science Fundamental Course Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center (referred as the Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center) was founded in 1996, it currently has 13 staffs, including 1 professor, 7 associate professors/senior engineers, five of them have the doctoral degrees. Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center is now undertaking the teaching tasks of the fundamental courses for university non-electrical and strong electrical professionals, and also has enrollment qualifications for the master degree of the "electrical theory and new technology" and the doctoral degree of the "electrical engineering" as the first level discipline. The center has formed a personnel training system with undergraduate, master and doctoral levels. Currently it has 10 Master supervisors, and 1 Ph.D. supervisor. 

       Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center belongs to one of the eight first approved constructions-"National Engineering and Science Fundamental Course Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center" by the Ministry of Education in 1996. It covers the electrotechnics  & electronics fundamental main courses such as the circuit theory, electromagnetic theory, analog electronics, digital electronics; also includes basic electrotechnics, basic electronics, systems integration, and electrotechnics & electronic experimental platforms for non-electrical professionals.

       Based on the teaching aim, and the principle of "research promotes teaching", Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center motivates the enthusiasm of all teachers; they are devoting fully into the teaching reform and scientific research work. Through efforts in these years, the level of the teaching team has been improved significantly and it has made great achievements in both research and teaching fields.

Relying on the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Railways, Beijing and other multi-level teaching reform projects, the teaching force of the Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center constantly explores and  innovates, has made a series of achievements after years of reform and practice in educational thinking, curriculum system, course content, teaching methods and means, teaching evaluation, practice teaching reform and so on. In April 2004, National Engineering and Science Fundamental Course Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center has passed the test of the Ministry of Education with "excellent" results, electrotechnics  and electronics technology courses played an irreplaceable role, and the acceptance of experts of put a high premium on construction results; In 2005, the course of "Electrotechnics  & Electronics Technology" was named as Beijing Elaborate Course; In 2006, the center was rated as "Beijing and the National Fundamental Course Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center"; In 2008, the teaching team won the honors of "Beijing excellent teaching team" and "State-level teaching team".

Many members of the teaching team have been awarded the national level honorary titles. One of them has won twice of the National Teaching Achievement second prize in 2005 and 2010, and was named as one of the first teachers for the University Demonstration Course; one teacher won two Beijing Teaching Achievement first prize awards in 2005; one teacher won twice of the Beijing second prize of Teaching Achievement second prize in 2001 and 1997; one teacher won the ZHIJIN teaching award of the "Outstanding Young Teacher". In 2003 and 2008, two teachers were rated as the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest excellent guidance teachers; one teacher also won the competition of the Beijing Youth Teacher Teaching Basic Skills first prize and Best Demonstration award @ science and technology group A in 2009; one teachers has been rated as the university outstanding experimental teachers; eight teachers have been rated as the university Outstanding Teaching Performance.

Teachers in the center have always focused on training the practical ability of  students; they actively participate in student e-Competitions organized by the nation and the Ministry of Education. Student teams led by them have won numerous National Students Competition first and second prizes.

Main research interests of the Electrotechnics  & Electronics Teaching Center include: power electronics, electromagnetic theory and applications, electromagnetic compatibility, intelligent detection technology, etc. It has undertaken dozens projects of National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Railways. The center has published nearly one hundred papers in the domestic and international core journals, including nearly 10 SCI indexed papers, 20 EI indexed papers; a number of research projects and papers have achieved national, ministerial, Beijing-level awards. The center has also received 4 national patents.