Electrical Machinery Institute

Induction traction motor for 500 km/h high speed test train

Institute has developed traction motors for 500 km/h and higher speed for CRH cooperating with CSR ZhuZhou Electric Co., LTD. The developed 600 kW induction traction motor have been already used in the CRH manufactured by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.

Experiments for four level repair traction motor bearing in CRH2A (200 km/h)
We have established the experiment system for high-speed traction motor bearing and its lubrication tests, which has the world's advanced level and is the only one such system in China for high-speed train. By using the system, the experiments for four level repair traction motor bearing in CRH2A have been done, which could provide basic support for the reliable operation of the traction motor bearings and its lubrication in 200 km/h EMU train.

Experimental researches on high speed EMU bearing (350 km/h)
According to the actual working conditions, a series test program, comprehensive considering the operating speed, the axial and radial force loads, the temperature, and the lubricating oil, is proposed. A series tests including the urgent acceleration test, the normal temperature test, and the durability test, are have been completed. The obtained results from durability test provide guidance for the type II 350 km/h EMU safety operation and optimization design.

Researches on key technologies of 1000MW whole air-cooled hydro generator

Participated in the theory analysis on the 840MVA air-cooled hydro generator at right bank of Three Gorges, which has reached the international leading level, and the machine is officially running for power generation. Study the ventilation and cooling system of 1000MW whole air-cooled hydro generator supported by the National Scientific and Technology Key Project.

Researches on key technologies of 1000MW supercritical turbo-generator
The currently research involve the fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics, the electromagnetic force, the electromagnetic field of end region, the eddy current losses and temperature field, and additional loss and other key technologies of 1000MW level turbo-generator used for nuclear power. These researches are supposed by the national Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Fund and the State Bureau of Foreign Experts.

Researches on the cooling and insulation technology of large 350MW air-cooled turbo-generator
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Have completed the researches on related theory analysis of 135MW, 150MW, and 220MW air-cooled turbo generators. Recently, carrying out researches a number of key technologies of a 350MW air cooled turbine generator, which has the international advanced level and also is the largest capacity in the world. These research work includes the electro-thermal-fluid coupling analysis and the cooling structure optimization, which are supported by The National Natural Science Fund and provincial major research project.

Theoretical and operating studies on the generator-motor for pumped-storage power station
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We take the theoretical study work on the electrical machine in a pumped-storage unit, and this is financially supported by The National Ministry of Science and Technology International Cooperation Key Project from. Through the related researches, the technical level of generator-motor will reach or exceed the world advanced level.

Researches on the general technologies and related theories about high speed permanent magnetic generator

Our team has developed the permanent magnetism generators with operating speed of 60000 r/min, and 96000 r/min, and completed the researches on the thermal management technologies for high power density machines, as well as the cooling system design such as the new type slot cooling grooves with variation cross section. The obtained theoretical research achievements about high speed permanent magnetism generators could provide an important theoretical basis for development of such machines. The associated research work is partially supported by the National High Technology Research
and Development Program of China (863 Program).

Studies on the direct and semi direct drive Mega watt permanent magnet generator
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We have taken the provincial major research project researches on the key technologies of the 1.5 mw wind generator and a half direct driving permanent magnet, and lots of related study work have completed, which includes the overall scheme design and analysis on the direct and semi direct drive megawatt permanent magnet generator, calculation on the wind generator comprehensive physical fields (electromagnetic field, temperature, fluid field), and development of small and medium-sized converter. We will participate in the research on the 10 MW direct drive permanent magnet wind generator, supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program).

Design and theoretical researches on new type special motor 
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Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, the National "863" project, the Key Projects of International Cooperation, and the Key Research Projects of the Provincial and Ministerial level, etc, by using the new materials and new technologies, several of novel motor are designed, which have advantages of working principle, structure, performance, and the method of operation that differ from conventional motor. The new motors enhance the competitiveness of the products, and have contributed to open the domestic and foreign markets.

Research and application of the new radial-tangential air-cooling system of the turbo generator

The technology has been successfully applied in large air-cooled turbo generators and grid-connected wind generator, and generating quality and the technical performance has reached the level of the abroad same products. The achievement own the first-class invention award of the province science and technology, and the associated products have been applied to more than 30 domestic thermoelectric power plants (for example, Yantai thermoelectric power plant) and exported to Indonesia, Nigeria and other countries. The total production value is larger than 900 million yuan.

Energy material saving efficient multi-topology motor and drag devices for beam-pumping

By using the patented technologies, the series beam pumping products, with energy-saving rate of 19% to 36%, have been applied by a total of 11 oilfields (for example, Daqing oilfields), and more than 15,000 numbers (sets) is popularized. The cumulated production value is 410 million yuan. It greatly reduces the labor intensity, improves the security of oil production, and saves a lot of energy. It also has made the corresponding contribution to the country's energy saving.

Control strategy and design technologies of high-speed permanent magnet motor system used in household appliances

The developed motors have advantages of simple control system, low cost, energy efficient, smooth speed, and low noise, and the enterprises have manufactured more than 86 million equipments using this technologies, and related products exports to the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, South Korea etc, which bring huge economic and social benefits.

Development of new high-voltage high-power line-starting permanent magnet synchronous motor

The developed new high efficiency permanent magnet line-starting synchronous motor has advantages of high efficiency, high power factor advantages, which could instead same power level induction motor to achieve the purpose of energy saving and improved the quality of power supply. The power factor of the new type high efficiency 315kW permanent magnet line-starting synchronous motor, operating in Nanjing Iron United Co. Ltd, researches 0.97 in working site, and has reached more than 10% energy-saving rate with a significant effect of energy savings.

Researches on the key technologies of HTS linear motor used for rail transportation

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Participate in the research work about the key technologies of HTS linear motor used for rail transportation, supported by the National 863 program. A linear induction motor drive scheme with new structure and new principle is proposed, and the electromagnetic mechanism, the structure principle, the algorithm model, and the control strategy are theoretical and experimental studied, which could provide a theoretical basis for further study. The study ia also supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China.